Prefabricated Buildings – Common Misconceptions & Facts Explained

Many modern and advanced construction methods have been developed in recent times. One of the construction methods that caught the eyes of many people is prefabricated building construction. Prefabricated buildings and cabins are increasing in popularity and it has become one of the best alternatives to traditional buildings. 

Prefabricated cabins are also known as portable cabins, modular buildings and prefab buildings. Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of prefabricated houses and buildings, and now this construction method is not limited to commercial structures. Using prefab construction methods, people are constructing various types of structures like hospitals, houses, schools, office cabins, security cabins, penthouses, cottages, etc. 

However, there are still many people who don’t trust prefab constructed buildings and cabins. Because many misconceptions are floating in the marketing, people are doubting the quality of this method. 

Spectra Star Industries is one of the leading portable cabin manufacturers in Hyderabad, and we have years of experience in this field. We have provided our products for many corporate and commercial businesses. And we also provide our products for individual owners to meet their requirements. 

In this Article, as an experienced prefabricated cabins manufacturer, we have debunked some of the popular misconceptions about prefab buildings and cabins. Let’s see the top 4 misconceptions about prefabricated construction and buildings. 

  1. Prefab Buildings & Houses Are Not So Strong

It is one of the most common misconceptions about prefabricated buildings and houses. Since the construction happens offsite, people believe they are not strong. Most of the people doubt the quality of the construction. 

The only difference between the traditional house and a prefab house is the place of construction. In traditional constriction, the house is constructed onsite, whereas in prefab construction, the constriction happens offsite in the factory. Then the manufactured structural parts are erected on the actual site. 

Just like traditional houses, the prefabricated houses also meet ISO standards. They are constructed using the best and high quality raw material. So, the entire construction process is highly reliable and the constructed house will be strong. 

  1. Prefabricated House Can’t Last Long

Most commonly people believe that prefabricated houses are constructed for short term uses. People think that prefabricated houses are used for emergency and temporary accommodation in places like remote locations during natural disasters, for refugee camps, etc. Prefabricated buildings follow the same set of guidelines and regulations as of traditional buildings. 

Prefabricated houses undergo a very strict quality check to ensure their safety and durability. It is a worthwhile investment option and the construction follows very strict measures to reduce manufacturing defects and prevent damages. Post construction, the prefabricated house also undergoes structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing assessment. 

Therefore, the houses and buildings constructed using prefabricated construction are strong and can be used for permanent accommodation purposes. Nowadays, in many international countries, prefabricated buildings are used as prefabricated warehouses, industrial sheds, hospitals, schools, permanent residential houses, airport terminal houses, etc. 

  1. Prefab Buildings Are Highly Expensive

One of the popular misconceptions of prefabricated constriction is that the constriction cost is exorbitantly high. Since this method of construction is new in India, and most of the people are unaware about this construction method, they consider it as an expensive process. But in reality, prefabricated construction costs less than traditional construction. 

The structural components are manufactured offsite in the factory and at the same time the foundation is built at the actual site. This will reduce the number of days required for the construction. Also, compared to the traditional constriction, prefabricated construction needs less workforce. 

Therefore, all these factors will reduce the overall cost of construction. Using prefabricated construction, it is possible to build a house at less cost than traditional construction. 

  1. Prefabricated Buildings Are Unattractive

One of the misconceptions about the prefab buildings is that the buildings and houses constructed will be unattractive and simple. People imagine prefabricated houses as boring, boxy structures with no style. But this notion about modular constriction is absolutely wrong. 

When it comes to designing aspects of prefab houses, sky is the only limit. Yes, in prefab construction, it is possible to design the house according to the requirements. The building can be customized easily based on the purpose of the space used for and it offers a great flexibility for designing. 

These are the top 4 misconceptions and facts about the prefabricated house. If you are planning for any construction, then you can choose prefabricated construction. At less cost, you can build an attractive and customized house anywhere in a short period of time. 

Spectra Star Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed prefabricated houses manufacturers and rooftop solutions providers in Hyderabad. We have years of experience in the construction industry and we have helped many corporate business and individual owners with prefabricated construction. We can help you with the best prefabricated construction service at the best prices.  

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