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What Are the Types of Constructions Possible Using Prefabricated Construction?


We humans need space for various purposes, and we allot a separate space for every activity. With time, humans have evolved as one of the most sophisticated living species on the planet. Human intelligence has developed and advanced a lot, and today we are designing things and products to improve standard of living and comfort.

Previously, in ancient times, people used caves and trees as shelter. Then they started constructing houses using wood and leaves. Then a separate field has evolved for construction, and various techniques and methods have been developed by many ancient engineers.

Construction of buildings and houses using bricks and mortar is one of the most popular and commonly used methods of all time. People trust bricks and mortar construction more than any other construction. Because it offers a wide advantage and they are very strong and durable.

Prefabricated Construction

But apart from these methods, prefabricated construction has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Many western and European countries use this method for the construction of houses, buildings, warehouses, and many more.

In prefabricated construction, the entire building or house is manufactured as structures in the factory. Then the manufactured structures are moved to the site to assemble.

Spectra Star Industries is one of the leading portable cabins manufacturers in Hyderabad, and we have been manufacturing prefabricated cabins and buildings for a long time. We have helped many business, individual owners to construct space for their unique requirements. Spectra Star Industries has professionals, who have a lot of experience in the construction industry. They can design, manufacture, and install prefabricated houses and other cabins, according to your requirements, at any location.

In this article, let’s know about various buildings and cabins that are possible with prefabrication construction methods.

Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated construction methods are used mostly for house construction. Because of the various advantages it is offering, many people are considering prefabricated houses. Here are some of the benefits of a prefabricated house.

  • Prefabricated houses can be constructed in a very less time.
  • You can design your house according to your requirements
  • Since the entire construction happens in the factory offsite, the cost of construction is also very low.
  • Prefabricated house construction is environmentally friendly, so there will be very less site disruption.

Prefabricated Warehouses

For startups and established businesses, storage space is very crucial. But investing a lot of money to construct storage space will increase the overall expenses of the business. Especially for startups and medium businesses, investing a huge amount of money only for storage space is a risky task.

Therefore prefabricated warehouses would be the best alternative for traditional warehouse constriction. It is because the cost of construction of a warehouse using prefabricated construction is very less. And using prefabricated construction methods, it is possible to construct warehouses of any size.

Since only high quality, durable, and trusted materials will be used for prefabricated construction, the warehouses will be highly safe. They can help your business for a very long period of time.

Prefabricated Hospitals and Schools

Nowadays, the importance of good health and proper education has increased a lot. So, people are demanding for better health care services and proper education for all. This has increased the pressure on health care institutes and education institutes to provide service for people of all locations.

To provide better health care service and education for the people, they must build hospitals and schools. This will be a very expensive task for both the service providers. Therefore, prefabricated construction can provide help in this matter.

Since prefabricated buildings can be constructed in any location at a very low cost, this could provide some relief for the service providers. And the construction time is also very less, then it is possible to build hospitals and schools in a very less time.

Prefabricated Cabins

Prefabricated cabins can be used for various purposes and they offer a lot of advantages. Most commonly, prefabricated cabins are used as security cabins, portable toilets, office cabins, food courts, etc. Since they can be assembled and disassembled easily, they can be moved to any location according to the requirements.

Many construction companies use prefabricated cabins as mobile offices, as toilet cabins, for labor accommodation, etc. Also many people use prefab cabins as security cabins outside the houses, companies, and factories.

Also, people use prefab cabins to design customized kitchens, which they use as food courts or mobile restaurants.

Therefore, prefabricated houses and cabins are the best alternative to the traditional houses. Many people and business owners have already adapted the construction methods, and the market of prefabricated construction would grow a lot in the near future.

If you are planning for any construction, then undoubtedly you can choose prefabricated construction. They are highly safe, durable, and cost efficient.


Top 4 Environmental Benefits of Prefabricated Construction

Like any other business, the construction industry has also updated a lot. With time, the construction industry is integrated with technology. Now we have many methods of construction and prefabricated construction is one of them.

Prefabricated Construction is one of the popular methods, in which, the components of a structure are manufactured offsite in the factory before being transported to the actual site. This type of construction is also considered, sometimes, as a low-end and mass produced mode of construction.

Prefabricated houses offer a lot of flexibility in the design and we can personalize the house according to our requirements easily. Also, they can be constructed very easily within a very less time.

Spectra Star Industries is an experienced portable cabins manufacturer in Hyderabad and we manufacture a wide range of prefabricated houses and cabins. In this article, we have tried to explain the environmental benefits of prefabricated construction.

Let’s list the top 4 environmental benefits of prefab construction and houses.

1. Decreases Energy Consumption

Since the entire construction happens in the factory offsite, then energy usage can be controlled. Using the latest technology, we can optimize the usage of energy.

In conventional construction methods, usage of energy will be very high. Because every aspect of constriction needs power, and unplanned continuous usage of electricity will increase the power consumption. Also, the construction time of conventional construction is more, the electricity requirement will be needed for a long time.

Apart from the energy used during construction, prefabricated buildings consume very less energy. Since the material used for the construction will be of high quality, it can maintain the temperature very well. Therefore, prefabricated buildings and cabins require very less heat and air conditioning.

2. Reduces Emission

According to a United National Report, 39 percent of global carbon emission is the result of poor transportation management during the constriction. Transportation of raw material plays a key role in the construction.

Basically, vehicles are used in the construction operations to move the raw material, labor, etc. from one place to another place. In this process, due to excessive usage of vehicles, the amount of carbon released will increase. And this will significantly contribute to global warming.

Since the entire prefabricated construction happens in the factory, only the components have to be transported to the site. So, transportation will be reduced, and this helps to reduce pollution.

3. Decrease Construction Wastage

Prefabricated construction could cut net wastage by half compared to traditional. In conventional construction, all the raw materials that are required for the construction are moved and stored to the actual site. This will increase the site disruption and disturb the surrounding a lot.

Also, the raw material that is used in traditional construction is hard to reuse. But, in case of prefab construction, the entire manufacturing happens offsite, in the factory. The chances of disruption onsite will be very less.

Besides, one of the greatest advantages of prefabricated construction is that the material used in the prefabricated construction can be reused. Materials like wood, steel, aluminum, etc. can be reused easily.

4. Flexible Construction

One of the best advantages of prefab houses or buildings is that they can be disassembled and installed anywhere easily. Traditional houses cannot be disassembled and moved to the new location, they are fixed. The only way is collapsing the old construction and rebuilding the new one.

This will again lead to all of the above mentioned problems, and ultimately impact the environment. But, prefabricated buildings can be disassembled and moved to any location easily. This type of flexibility in construction makes prefabricated houses environmentally friendly.


These are the top 4 factors that make prefabricated construction as an environmentally friendly house or building.

Nowadays, because of these benefits, many hospitals, schools, warehouses, etc. are constructed using prefab construction. Prefabricated hospitals schools, warehouses, etc. are very durable and they can last for a long period of time.

If you are planning to construct a home or any building, then undoubtedly you can choose prefabricated houses and buildings. In this current era, prefabricated construction is one of the fastest and affordable construction methods.

Spectra Star Industries is one of the leading prefabricated cabins and houses manufacturers in Hyderabad, and we are backed by experienced professionals and advanced technology. We have helped many of our clients to build prefabricated houses, hospitals, schools, office cabins, etc.

Our products are manufactured using high quality material, so the products will be of high quality. We are known for our service, our professionals can complete the entire manufacturing and assembly work within a short duration.

We have a very good network of raw material vendors, and we buy material at the lowest price. Therefore, we can help you to build a prefab home or office within your budget, according to your requirement.



Prefabricated Houses Vs Conventional Houses – Construction Method, Benefits

Construction of houses is one of the biggest decisions of life. Everyone wants to construct a house that is highly durable and long lasting. With technology, the construction methods have also changed, and today we have many construction methods.

Prefabricated construction is one of the popular types of construction in many countries and in India it is still in the nascent stage. There are a lot of misconceptions about prefabricated houses and buildings.

Many people are confused about the difference between prefabricated houses and traditional houses. Some people support and encourage prefab construction, and some only rely on conventional construction methods. But, both the construction methods provide benefits in their own way.

Spectra Star Industries is one of the leading portable cabin manufacturers in Hyderabad and we manufacture prefabricated office cabins, cottages, houses, warehouses, guesthouses, etc. We have years of experience in manufacturing prefab cabins and buildings, and we have helped many people with our products and services.

Over the years, we have seen many people come to us with a lot of confusion and doubts about the prefab buildings and houses. Therefore, by considering all of our experience in this field, in this article, we have tried to explain the major difference between the prefabricated house and traditional house.

Let’s see key differences between the prefabricated and traditional houses.

How Do Prefab & Traditional Houses Constructed?

Prefabricated houses are a type of houses, which are manufactured offsite. Whereas traditional houses are constructed onsite, where the home is to be located. In traditional house construction, all the raw materials are shipped to the construction site and the house is constructed onsite.

But in prefabricated construction, most of the construction of houses is done in the manufacturing unit. The only on site construction activity that is left will be foundation construction. Once the foundation is constructed, the components of a prefab house are transported to the site and assembled safely.

In traditional house construction, the entire construction process happens on site. The raw material that is required for the construction will be shipped to the site and then the construction is started.

This is the major difference between the prefab constriction and traditional construction.

How Long Do Traditional Houses Last Vs Prefab House?

The durability of a prefabricated house as well as a traditional house completely depends on the raw material which has been used and the quality of the process. Houses built by complying to the regulations and following the standard procedure will always last long.

A typical traditional house built using conventional methods can last lifelong. And prefabricated houses built using top quality raw materials will be durable for a very long time. They are manufactured by considering all the aspects that could affect the durability of the prefab houses. Therefore, prefabricated houses offer similar durability as offered by traditional houses.

Cost of Construction

One of the most important things that everyone will consider when planning for house construction is the budget. Cost of construction is very crucial because the entire construction process depends on the budget.

Some people will be ready to invest a high amount of money to get their dream home completed. And some are restricted to a certain amount of budget. In both cases, we can construct a house at a small budget, but prefabricated construction offers more flexibility. With a small budget, you can construct a customized home according to your taste.

Compared to prefabricated house construction, traditional houses are costly. It is because the raw material required will be very costly, and also more labor is required for the construction. This will increase the overall cost of construction of traditional houses.

Construction Time

Traditional construction takes more time than normal construction. It is because, in traditional construction, the construction of a house happens completely on-site. So, all the raw material required for the construction must be transported to the site and then the construction work begins.

But, in prefabricated construction, only the construction of the foundation happens on-site. The structures and components of the house are manufactured offsite in the factory. Then the entire components will be moved to the site to assemble. So, the time required for the construction will be very less.

These are the major differences that make prefabricated construction as one of the best alternatives to traditional construction.

Spectra Star Industries is a leading modular cabins and buildings manufacturing industry and we offer a wide range of prefabricated cabin spaces for various purposes. If you are planning to construct a new house, then you can choose a prefabricated house.

We can help you to construct your house according to your requirements using prefabricated construction techniques. Since we use only high quality raw materials, our products will be very durable and long lasting.

We can design the house according to your taste and requirements. The construction time will be very less and we can complete the entire construction within your budget.  Reach us and talk to our experts for more information.

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